Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on us.

WOW! It has been a while since I have had time to update this blog. Since Eli has started crawling I feel like all I ever do is chase him around all day, he is either crawling and playing on the floor or in his walker almost running from room to room. He has also just start trying to stand up on his own while he is crawling, its very cute but also very scary for a first time mom, I'm so scared he is going to fall flat on his face. He finally cut his first tooth last week and now I think the top teeth are trying to come in, he is extremely cranky and ill, especially compared to the last tooth. Do the top teeth hurt them more than the bottom? Other than that I'm looking for a swing set for him since I took him to the park for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he loved the swings!!!
I'm doing very good. I get the results back from the biopsy yesterday, and there was some mild dysplasia, but I will have another pap smear at 30-32 weeks and we will decide what to do once we get those results back. The nurse said that it is nothing to worry about but we will watch it to make sure it does not turn into cancer, but I'm not worried about it because God has brought me through cancer and I have faith that he will bring me through it again if it even comes to that. Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Jeff is still working hard, as always. He is taking very good care of me, Eli and the baby too, he is helping me with the cleaning and with Eli too. He is very excited about finding what we are having, and that is saying a lot about him because he never gets excited about much of anything.
The baby, well its just hanging around. LOL! We still have 3 weeks before we find out if it is a boy or a girl, and we can not wait. In fact, I want to know so bad that I have been looking online for places that do ultrasounds without paying thousands of dollars for it. Oh well, if I can't find anyone that does them then we will just have to wait it out.
I'll add some pictures of Eli playing at the park for the first time.


  1. ah, I did the same thing with the ultrasound thing...but wait it out! Trust me, when they can tell you with absolute certainty what that baby is, you're heart will melt!!

  2. Thanks Mandie! I'm going to wait it out but it is very hard. I have a girls bedding set and everything picked out, I don't know if it is my "motherly instinct" saying girl or if its because I want a girl really bad just in case we decide not to have anymore later on, but I'm having a hard time looking at boy things. Oh Well, we will hopefully find out in 20 days if the baby will play along with us. LOL!

  3. Awww! Have you looked into doing a 3D Ultrasound? We did one of those - and WOW. They are SO awesome!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend one! The place we went did it to find out the sex and then let you come back later on to see the little munchkin!! :)

  4. Hi Denise! The OB's office does 3D/4D Ultrasounds between 28 and 32 weeks so we will just have it done there. The last u/s I had the tech was playing around and took some in 3D and they were really neat so I'm excited to see them when I'm further along. We may wait until around 32 weeks to have those done just so we can wait as long as possible for the baby to develope more.