Saturday, January 31, 2009

What is going on with our baby?

I'm going to post this first and then I will go back and tell you about the pregnancy.

It all started Thursday afternoon. I had a busy day Thursday, taking Eli to the doctor, running errands, etc. Then that evening I went to the bathroom and I was spotting some so I thought I would not upset Jeff and just keep it to myself and if it happened again or got worse I would tell him. So later on when I went to the bathroom again there was more spotting so I told Jeff. He, of course, was worried. So now I'm spotting, cramping in my lower tummy area, and having really bad back pain. The OB office was already closed so I called the on-call nurse and left her a message. She called me back about 30 minutes later and told me to call the office first thing Friday morning because they may want to do an ultrasound since I was spotting so early.

So I called the office Friday morning and a few minutes later the nurse called me back and I explained what was going on and what the on-call nurse told me the night before. That nurse said that they would not do an ultrasound but they would take a urine sample and check for a UTI or bladder infection. Jeff and I talked and we both agreed that Jeff would stay at home with Eli since he was congested and teething and not feeling good. I mean why should we take Eli out in the cold and wind when he is sick since all they were going to do was a urine sample not a ultrasound.

I get ready and go to the office. I signed in and ask for a sterile cup. When I came out of the restroom the nurse stopped me and told me to just sit there and wait, instead of going back out to the waiting room, because she was checking my sample then. She came back out a few minutes later and took me in a room and got my weight and blood pressure. My blood pressure was a little high (122/90) and she said that she thought I may be a little dehydrated. She then put me in a room to rest and relax for a few minutes to see if my blood pressure would come down. After a little while another came in and rechecked my blood pressure. It had came down some (118/84). The doctor came in a few minutes later and we talked about my history and what I was experiencing that brought me into the office. I explained to her about the spotting, cramping, and back pain. She told me that she wanted an ultrasound done just to make sure there was nothing wrong with the baby or me. So I go to another waiting room and wait and wait and wait until they finally call me back to the room. While I'm waiting I sent Jeff a text explaining what they had said so far and that they were going to do an ultrasound. He was a little upset because he was going to miss the first ultrasound of our miracle baby but I promised him that I would try to get him a picture. She went to my left ovary first and there was a large cyst on it, then she went to the right ovary and it looked good. Then the big moment came...I saw our baby!!! I was so very excited. I saw the heartbeat and its arms and legs. She kept pushing on my belly to get the baby to move around so I could see it more. That was a moment that I can not even begin to describe with words. Everything looked really good with the baby and me, except for the cyst. The cyst was what was causing the problems.

When I got home I showed Jeff the pictures. Eli looked at them like we were crazy and Jeff really enjoyed looking at our baby for the first time. We can not wait to go back February 11 for the next ultrasound and Jeff will be with me then.

Here are a couple of pictures...


  1. congrats on being pregnant. Don't believe drs. They told my mom that she couldn't ever have children... She ended up with 5.. She would have had more had my dad not had a vasectomy after my younger brother. BUt they got it reversed and had one more. Would have kept having them except my mom got older and had to have her oven removed. Congrats! I hope you have a smooth, safe pregnancy!

  2. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! :) I was nervous reading your blog! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!