Friday, January 30, 2009

The roller coaster ride of Adoption

We filled out the application and sent it back in December 2007. In January 2008, we started all of our classes, training, home studies, and inspections. We received our approval letter the week before Mother's Day 2008. I was so very excited to know that we were "Paper Pregnant" and our child was out there somewhere. On June 27, 2008, our baby boy was coming into this world and we did not even know it. On July 2 Jeff was out doing his part time job, Lawn Care, and I was sitting at home playing on the computer when my cell phone rang. It was our Social Worker and she said that she had a 5 day old baby boy that they wanted to place in our home forever. She ask me if we wanted him and I, of course, said YES!! She ask if we could pick him up the next day. Again, we said YES! Jeff called her back while I was talking to her and she told him that I was on the other line crying so she would talk to him later. Jeff came straight home.

We got ready and went shopping because we had nothing for Eli. When we filled out the application we put that we would take a boy or a girl and up to a 3 year old. We did not know if we would get a boy or a girl or an infant or a toddler. Jeff and I were so very excited that we called everybody.

The plans changed and we were not able to pick Eli up on Wednesday, July 3 but we did get to brink him home forever on Monday, July 7. Our hearts and lives changed forever that day, for the better. Eli has been home with us now for 6 months now and he is growing up way to fast. We are still waiting to finalize the adoption, I will keep you updated as we learn more about court dates or anything.

Next up, my emergency visit to the OB today.

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