Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a.....

Well we finally had our 20 week appointment this morning and we are so glad that the time has finally come for us to find out who we will be welcoming into our family. So will it be Ethan Richard or Peyton Victoria?

That's right!! Eli will be a big brother to Peyton Victoria!! We are super excited and now we can't wait to meet her! So now I get to go shopping for some pink girly items!! She is doing very good, growing right on schedule and everything looks healthy and great! My hemoglobin was a little low so I have to try to raise it so that they will not have to put me on medicine for it. Also, I have been having some chest pains that come and go. The doctor said that it sounds like Acid Reflux so I have to get some Zantac and try taking that for the chest pains and heart burn. If that does not help or if it gets worse then we will decide what we will do next.

Other than that, Eli is crawling every where and trying to pull up on every thing he can get his hands on. He is growing up way to fast.


  1. That's awesome! congratulations! My hemoglobin was low too and I was put on a supplement and it wasn't bad at all, so maybe it won't be bad for you either...

    Oh, can we get some belly pics?!?!

  2. Thank you Mandie! I hope it will not be bad either and that it will work. Yes, I will work on some belly pics, especially now that I'm showing more.