Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Second Trimester! YAY!

YAY! I have finally reached my second trimester! We are very excited to reach this milestone after thinking it would never happen for us now we are waiting to find out what we are having. Jeff has said every since we found out that I'm pregnant that we can't start buying anything yet, he wanted to wait and make sure that nothing was going to go wrong. Well, we were talking this morning and he told me that I can start shopping next week. I'm not going all out yet, just starting to stock up on diapers, wipes, new nipples, etc. I'm going to wait until after we have our big ultrasound and a friend of mine is going shopping for clothes, nursery items, etc.

According to the old wives tale, if the baby's heart rate is higher than 145 BPM then its a girl, well our baby's heart rate was 165 BPM at resting. I'm secretly hoping its a girl since we already have our son, Mommy's Boy, now we need a Daddy's Girl. If we have another boy though, I will be just as happy and excited, we just want our baby to be happy and healthy. We should have our big ultrasound around the middle of April and as soon as we get our results I will let you all know. Here are a few more pictures from our last ultrasound.

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  1. Well the old wives tale was a big fat FALSE for me!! D's heart rate was 169 resting, and of course he's all boy!! I could tell at the 12 week US...I waited for the BIG one to confirm, but it was there.